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very simple GoogleTasks Editor.

Sync Google Tasks.
Support indent.
Edit date, memo and sort.
Create and Delete list on GoogleTasks.
Customize Font color and size, each line.

Known Bug.

Very cheep icon.
2. Error message is not correct,often.
3. Sync takes long time.

*Sync, so the task involves the removal, please be careful.
*Sync occasionally when you get an error. Please try again a few minutes later. 


APK file

Screen Shot


   view TextBox of new item name.

   move next list.

List item long click menu

TextBox of new item name.

Click list item
   select item

Click Top-Center ListName Spinner.


Move another list.

Main menu.

  Sync Google Tasks(only this list)

Sync All
  Sync Google Tasks(all list)

  Go to Setting screen.

  Clear Local List and Download from Google Tasks.

Hiding Comps Tasks
  Local  and Google Tasks completed tasks hide.

Edit Item screen

Name of task.

Memo of task
(Sync Google Tasks)

Alarm (Not sync this)

Edit screen

(Sync Google Tasks)


Edit Date


Please read this message.

Setting screen

"Clear All Task" Button
  Clear Local task list. (Not sync google tasks)

"Clear Deleted Task" Button
  Clear the item infomation is deleted  on local list.
  (Use: Not want to delete item on Google tasks.)

"Clear Login Cache" Button
  Clear login cache.
  (Use: When you get error several times you sync)

Setting Account screen

Gmail adress.

Gmail password

Push this button after you edit  Account.

List of your task list on Google Tasks.

Font and Color setting screen.

Local List Setting screen.

  Auto Sort
     Auto sort completed task. completed tasks move to under uncompleted tasks.

  Auto Clear
    Create new list on local. Completed task move to that list automaticaly. 
    And When next sync, completed task hidden.

Add new task item where
     Top   add top of list. 
     Bottom   add bottom of list.